Welcome to KnowEnG: A Center of Excellence in Big Data Computing

KnowEnG (pronounced "knowing") is a National Institutes of Health-funded initiative that brings together researchers from the University of Illinois and the Mayo Clinic to create a Center of Excellence in Big Data Computing. It is part of the Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) Initiative that NIH launched in 2012 to tap the wealth of information contained in biomedical Big Data. KnowEnG is one of 11 Centers of Excellence in Big Data Computing funded by NIH in 2014.

This four-year project will create a platform where biomedical scientists, clinical researchers, and bioinformaticians can bring their own data and perform common as well as advanced analysis tasks, guided by the “knowledge network”, a large compendium of public-domain data. The knowledge network embodies community data on genes, proteins, functions, species, and phenotypes, and relationships among them. Instead of analyzing their data set in an isolated fashion, researchers will be able to go straight to asking global questions. The infrastructure, capacity and tools will grow with the datasets.