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Summer Research Experience

The KnowEnG center offers two consecutive summer research experiences for R25 undergraduate trainees from Fisk University. Students will gain hands-on training in designing and conducting research, and interact with the faculty and researchers at UIUC. In the first summer, the trainees will learn and explore various bioinformatics tools at the Bioinformatics Core Facility (HPCBio). The following summer, the students will work on a supervised project with a research group at UIUC or at Mayo Clinic. The KnowEnG center has partnered with the Graduate College Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) to provide a well-rounded experience and supportive cohort for the R25 trainees.

Short Summer Experience at HPCBio

High Performance Biological Computing (HPCBio) facility at University of Illinois provides a first class infrastructure for bioinformatics, combining hardware, software, databases, training, consulting and services. HPCBio provides a single, straightforward point of access, open to researchers from all campus units, helping them to find solutions to their biomedical data management and analysis problems. Undergraduate students from Fisk University gain hands-on experience using to Bioinformatics tools, such as RNA-Seq by working directly with scientists at HPCBio.

Contact: Jessica Holmes

2016 Trainees

Shelby Clark
Carleigh Fraizer

2016 Summer Research Orientation

2017 Trainees

Jalen Thomas
Sidney Stuckett

2017 Summer Research Orientation