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Welcome to the KnowEnG Platform ! 

KnowEnG enables knowledge-guided machine learning and graph mining analysis on genomic datasets using scalable cloud computation and exploration of results with interactive visualizations.  

Knowledge-Guided Pipelines

Researchers can upload their data in form of a spreadsheet and choose from several analysis pipelines. Each pipeline is a complex workflow involving algorithms for data processing and normalization, application of the core machine learning or statistical algorithms, as well as post-processing and visualization. Learn more about our current and future pipelines.

Learn About the Knowledge Network

The knowledge-guided analyses use the KnowEnG Knowledge Network, which integrates many and varied public biological datasets of gene/protein interactions, relationships, and annotations. Explore information about the Knowledge Network and how it can be used in the KnowEnG platform pipelines here.

KnowEnG source code is available on GitHub

Docker Containers images are available from Docker Hub

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Account Access

In this first public release, KnowEnG will be provided for free for researchers to explore the system. Learn more.

To get started immediately, check out our Quickstart Guide for examples using our three available analysis pipelines. Also, watch out for the release of additional Knowledge-Guided Pipelines that are currently in development. 

Read the Quick Start Guide

For General Questions, email us at knoweng-support@illinois.edu

KnowEnG Tools on Seven Bridges Cancer Genomics Cloud

The KnowEnG Center and the NCI-funded  Seven Bridges Cancer Genomics Cloud (CGC) are partnering together to establish an ecosystem to co-localize TCGA data sets available in CGC and powerful analysis tools developed by KnowEnG.