The KnowEnG center collaborates with other BD2K centers of excellence on Consortium Activities and towards the NIH’s Commons vision of collaborative virtual space to enhance biomedical discovery.

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Predicting Regulatory Regions and their Target Genes to Enhance Genomic Data Analysis

KnowEnG center: Jun S. Song (Project lead)
The Center for Predictive and Computational Phenotyping (CPCP)
Sushmita Roy, Sunduz Keles and Mark Craven

Computational Inference of Genetic Epistasis Networks

KnowEnG center: Dave Zhao (Project lead), Jun S. Song and Jiawei Han
ENIGMA Center for Worldwide Medicine, Imaging and Genomics
Jieping Ye, University of Michigan
Paul Thompson, University of Southern California

Integration of LINCS and KnowEnG Resources

KnowEnG Center: Saurabh Sinha
LINCS Center
Jarek Meller (Project lead), Mario Medvedovic, Wen Niu, University of Cincinnati

Docker Containers and Reusable Workflows for Genomic Analysis

KnowEnG center: Omar Sobh and Umberto Ravaioli (Project lead)
BDDS Center: Ravi Madduri and Ian Foster
NCSA: Matthew Turk

Piloting a Data Publication Service for the BD2K Commons

BDDS Center: Ian Foster, Kyle Chard, Arthur Toga (Project lead)
KnowEnG Center: Aditya Parameswaran and Jiawei Han