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KnowEnG Knowledge Network

The KnowEnG Knowledge Network (KN) represents community data sets as a massive heterogeneous network, composed primarily of genes (Gene Nodes) and their annotations (Property Nodes) as well as their mutual relationships (Edges). The KN attempts to identify many relevant knowledge bases (Resources), to download their current contents (Datasets) regularly, and to clean and consolidate those disparate resources and construct a unified knowledge graph of multiple relationships (Edge Types) ready for integration with analytic methods.

Detailed information about the Knowledge Network contents can be found here.

More information about mapping gene names and fetching subnetworks can be found here.

Number of Species:20
Number of Resources:14
Number of Datasets:137
Number of Edge Types:185
Number of Edges:476,816,989
Number of Nodes:583,933
Number of Gene Nodes:405,439
Number of Property Nodes:178,493
Detailed information can be found here.
STRINGEdges: 437,711,967
BLAST: Basic Local Alignment Search ToolEdges: 20,291,066
ReactomeNodes: 45,960, Edges: 1,367,088
BioGRID: Biological General Repository for Interaction DatasetsEdges: 489,213
DIP: Database of Interacting ProteinsEdges: 35,926
IntAct: IntAct Molecular Interaction DatabaseEdges: 305,246
HumanNetEdges: 1,004,509
Pathway CommonsNodes: 29,648, Edges: 1,091,999
Gene OntologyNodes: 46,661, Edges: 1,968,720
Pfam: Pfam Protein Families DatabaseNodes: 99,591, Edges: 719,858
EnrichrNodes: 105,874, Edges: 23,314,091
MSigDB: Molecular Signatures DatabaseNodes: 9,542, Edges: 1,460,291
This work is licensed under a Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike license for academic uses only (https://creativecommons.org/license/by-nc-sa/4.0/, CC BY-NC-SA 4). Where work is the Derivative Works created by KN team from the various databases. 
We recommend that the researchers contact owners of the data sources directly to obtain necessary permissions and licenses to download data and/or use it in ways not envisioned in our license. The intent is for the KnowEnG system including KN and Tools to be available for free for academic use only.