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KnowEnG Center 2017 site visit poster session

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Welcome to KnowEnG!

KnowEnG (pronounced “knowing”), The Knowledge Engine for Genomics, is a National Institutes of Health-funded initiative that brings together researchers from the University of Illinois and the Mayo Clinic to create a Center of Excellence in Big Data Computing. It is part of the NIH Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) Initiative launched in 2012 to tap the wealth of information contained in biomedical Big Data. KnowEnG is one of 11 Centers of Excellence in Big Data Computing funded by NIH in 2014.

Learn more about NIH BD2K and BD2KCCC.

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KnowEnG Platform

A cloud-based cyberinfrastructure for genomic analysis.

KnowEnG Platform


Interactive educational games and teaching resources for learning bioinformatics.


Won the Top 5 products competition (Week of July 17) in Lab Worm



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