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2017 Introduction to Bioinformatics

2017 Workshop materials

In an effort to make next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics techniques more accessible to all audiences, HPCBio (High Performance Computing in Biology) staff teach two 4-hour workshop sessions covering a variety of topics ranging from next-generation sequencing, quality assessment/control of sequencing reads, alignment, assembly, and RNA-Seq. HPCBio staff aim to familiarize and advise attendees on the why and how of current bioinformatics techniques through lectures and intuitive hands-on exercises, without needing to teach any technical skills or full bioinformatics analyses.

Fisk University Attendees:

Faculty & Staff
Lei Qian
Phyllis Freeman
Patricia McCarroll
Steven Damo
Glenroy Martin
Zia Haque
Sajid Hussain
Justin Ike
Lee Limbird
Cathy Martin
Eugene Collins
Rekha Pattanayek
Princilla Smart-Evans

Graduate Students
Saffron Little
Natasha Berryman
Joshua Haynes
Debresha Shelton
Destane Garrett
Jennifer Quinde
4 additional students from Dr. Arnett’s lab

Undergraduate Students
Jiah Toms
Jalen Thomas
Sidney M. Stuckett